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The other Archbishop to pray for

Earlier this week, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury issued a ‘reflection’ on the events that took place at ECUSA’s General Convention the week previous. I sat down and read it the other night and have to say that, yet again, Rowan has significantly impressed me.

Ruth Gledhill’s blog carries interesting and supportive coverage which I think is well worth reading amongst all the coverage that both Rowan’s statement and the preceding General Convention has garnered.

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All SPCK shops to close

Working, as I do, in the book trade, I got a heads-up this morning of fairly monumental proportions for the church in the United Kingdom. One of the bookshop managers for SPCK cancelled their usual appointment with one of my colleagues earlier today since she has been told that SPCK will be closing all its shops over the next few months due to STL pulling out of the SPCK/STL deal.

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An interesting four weeks of church

I attended the local Anglo Catholic for the last of my four weeks yesterday. I have been asked to write up my experiences for my DDO and reflect on what I found new and exciting, what I thought was curious and what I found difficult. Since I’ve had some time today and while it is still fresh, I’ve sat down to write up my thoughts so here they are (names have been removed to protect the innocent):

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