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Catching up and moving forward

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I can’t quite understand where the time goes. To not blog at all throughout April demands an apology should there be anyone out there who happens to be passing or, indeed, if anyone has me in their RSS feed of whatever kind and has wondered why the silence. I certainly know some of you have wondered because you’ve emailed me to say so.

Of course, April saw me pass through my first Easter as a clergyman and I was surprised after my first Christmas as to how busy I was. Christmas seemed, to me anyway, quite manageable. I was all set for a similar cushy number while the world assumes you’re madly busy. I was surprised. Easter was hectic.

I’ve had some time off in that mix as well, but there are no excuses and I’ve actually come to a resolution. One of the things I seem to struggle with in the whole blogging process is that when I sit down to write a post, it ends up being a mini-essay and I don’t have time regularly to write them. Therefore, each week, and most probably on Sundays, I’m going to aim to blog one of my usual ‘lengthy’ posts and then sporadically in between times, shorter, one-line even, or a few lines in the manner of an extended Facebook to cover all sorts of things that I want to mention but don’t get a chance to say more about.

As it so happens, the last few days have brought a variety of events in my own life and news stories in the wider world that have really caught my attention and I promise that in the coming days, they are going to get covered here but I’ve got to break it down into manageable chunks. In no particular order and covering a wide variety of interests, they are:

So there you go, a preview of forthcoming attractions. Watch this space and as I actually write these posts, I’ll link them back to here to prove I did do them after all!

Thoughts on Good Friday

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I know I’ve been much silent here of late. Those following my Love Life, Live Lent blog will know that I’ve not been entirely quiet in cyberspace as my focus has been just to keep up each day there.

Believe me, I’ve got half-finished drafts for this site on everything from Jeffrey John and penal substitution to radio mics via human rights and the climate crisis. They will all have to wait for publication on another day.

However, I couldn’t let Good Friday pass without comment here on my normal blog.

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I got in

They must be mad. I’m a little in shock at the moment. Pleased, excited but in shock. This afternoon while the wife was at her dad’s, I got a call from my DDO confirming that they had received my report from the Bishop’s Advisory Panel and I had been recommended for “training for the Ordained Ministry (Priest) with the expectation that [I] be deployed nationally”. Sounds impressive.

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