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Blown away

A photo of a girl blowing bubbles

It’s been exactly a month since I last posted and the main reason for that has been our move of house, the inevitable break in broadband connection and the equally inevitable unpacking, cupboard-building, hole-drilling reality of shifting a family of five to a new residence.

We’re settling in.

One of the things that has interested me in the last month arose out of our final Sunday with Pip & Jims. The last service was, for us, a lovely occasion in which we said goodbye, people were very generous towards us in their kindness and love. At the end of the day, I saw down with my phone for five minutes, checked Facebook and simply updated my status as ‘blown away’.

We had been ‘blown away’ by our day, by the kindness and love of the people we were leaving behind, their kind gifts to us and just all the things we could give thanks for that have taken place over the last three years.

However, having spoken with a friend, ‘blown away’ has taken on new interpretations.

When this person read my Facebook status, they interpreted it as if I was saying that it was time to leave and the Holy Spirit was now gently blowing my family and I away to pastures new. We arrived in Walderslade knowing that God was with us in this move and this call, and now in the gentle but firm way that God moves amongst us, we were being blown on again once again to somewhere new.

So may the wind of the Spirit of God
blow firm in your heart
and upon your life,
may He raise you to new heights,
and open new vistas,
and may His breath always bring warmth to your soul.

I have a new job

A photo of St Mary the Virgin church building, West Malling
St Mary the Virgin, West Malling

The following announcement has been made today at my own church in Walderslade, in West Malling, Offham and Kings Hill:

“We are very pleased to announce that, subject to the satisfactory completion of legal procedures and CRB checks, the Bishop of Rochester has offered the appointment as Priest-in-Charge for West Malling and Offham to the Rev’d David Green and that David has accepted.”

So there you have it. In a few short months, I am Read more

Top 10 tips for staying healthy as a Curate in a Vacancy

A screengrab from Google showing zero results for the search phrase "Healthy Vicar"

I received a call the other day from a colleague who is doing some research work on clergy well-being and asked me for my top ten tips on how to stay healthy as a Curate in a Vacancy. I’ve given it some thought and produced my list which, with his permission, I reproduce below. Oh, and by the way, that really is a screengrab from Google – I didn’t mock that up.

The early ones in this list are general tips for ordained life rather than specifically about a vacancy or being a curate. The later ones are more specific to the kind of situation I’m in now.

I have to say too, as something of a disclaimer, that some of these are more aspirational in my life right now than reality before anyone who knows me cries ‘hypocrite’!!! I do know that I need to work harder at Read more

Heeere’s Davey!

Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining'

Yes, I think it’s time to get Wannabepriest back in the saddle. For those that are really bad at updating their RSS readers and so have been provided with this blogpost out of the blue after nearly 18 months of silence and a pretty firm decision (at the time) to not blog anymore, I’m back blogging – try not to fall off your chair!

For those discovering this blog for the first time, welcome. I hope you enjoy the musings.

By way of a return, I guess I ought to explain why I put a halt to my blog fairly unceremoniously in the Summer last year and why I have decided now at this juncture to actually get back into it and revive it.

Firstly, why I called a halt. Well, it was a number of reasons really. Read more