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At last, geek-guilt has a saviour!

Computer crash illustration

If you will excuse the geeky nature of this post, I am writing with a purpose in mind so bear with me and I may even do you a favour! One of the things that makes me feel guilty now and again is the fact I am rubbish at taking back-ups of my computer hard drive. I know I should do it, I know it’s pretty important but it just gets lost sometimes in the bigger scheme and besides it’s a hassle.

I have no excuse – I’ve had at least two serious computer crashes in the last few years which nearly caused the fatal loss of all sorts of important stuff. In both cases, I managed to recover everything but not without considerable difficulty. You would have thought I would have learnt my lesson.

Guilt no longer! The solution has arrived in the form of Mozy. Mozy is a small application that you can install on your computer and while your computer is idle, it quietly backs-up your data so that you are always kept up-to-date. If you turn your computer off while it’s running, that’s fine, it just picks up where it left off when you turn on again. All your data is encrypted before being copied to the Mozy servers, so you don’t have to worry about other people stealing it! Best of all you get 2 Gb of space to store stuff free of charge! Brilliant.

The initial backup takes quite a long time but after that it only backs up files that have changed, so it’s very quick. I highly recommend it to you and would encourage you to sign up not only for the ease of the solution but the fact that we should all be taking care to look after our data.

If you visit their site, please use the link I’ve provided above. If you sign up through me, we each get a bit of extra space (256 Mb to be precise) to play with which can’t be bad.

Pretentious blog titles

So I thought I had better start off my new blog with a brief explanation of why blog, why now, why the name.

Well, I’ve been wanting to blog for a little while so, in my head at least, this blog has been coming for a long time. I think I have something to say (don’t we all?) but I guess that primarily I’m just looking for a place where I can spill my thoughts.

Like all of us, I guess there’s that proud and slightly pretentious thought that other people might want to read what I want to say. However I have to say that I hold out little hope of that.

I guess that I’m actually starting now because of all the changes going on in my life. There is part of me that thinks that as I wade through the process of applying for ordination training in the Church of England, I may be able to blog some thoughts that may help those who follow me along that path.

And besides those ‘church-based’ changes, momentous events in my private life continue to give me food for thought and delicious moments of inspiration. If I can’t find a blog in me now, I suspect I never will.

However, in order to speak freely, I think I had better keep this blog anonymous. I may well one day come clean and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will doubtless work me out eventually but I seen no reason to advertise the fact.