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Synod 1: over-representation in the Diocese of Rochester


How many members of General Synod ought it to be reasonable for one parish church to have? This is the question at the centre of much concern in the Diocese of Rochester that seems to be bubble around under the surface of the water at the moment.

I should add, before I say any more, that I have the greatest respect for some of our Synod representatives. For the others, I simply don’t know them. So this is not intended as a sleight on their abilities in any way. I haven’t named any individual or church in these articles since my point is not about the people concerned, but about the principle of the matter.

However, the publication of the recent election results for our diocese were pretty depressing for many people, me included. Over the next couple of blog posts, I am going to say more about some of the reasons why they have caused such depression.

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