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‘it ain’t what ya’ do, its da way dat ya do it’

photo of Fun Boy Three's single - it ain't what you do

It isn’t often that you are going to find Rt Revd David Stancliffe, former Bishop of Salisbury, and Bananarama mentioned in the same sentence. Indeed, they cut very different figures in my own memories.

For me, Bishop David will always be in my mind immaculately dressed. I guess you have to be a Bishop to attempt bright red socks – but from his socks upwards, I never knew him anything less than a very, very smart chair of the Liturgical Commission, someone I got to know through my days with Church House Publishing.

On the other hand, Fun Boy Three and Bananarama hold a different memory in my mind. As a ten year old boy, just discovering music and Top of the Pops, I remember watching three men and three women (the men on their way down from ‘The Specials’ era, the girls on their way up to future pop legend) bouncing around singing ‘it ain’t what ya’ do, its da way dat ya do it’ as fairly ragged, big haired, messy eighties stars in overgrown jumpers. Read more