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The other Archbishop to pray for

Earlier this week, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury issued a ‘reflection’ on the events that took place at ECUSA’s General Convention the week previous. I sat down and read it the other night and have to say that, yet again, Rowan has significantly impressed me.

Ruth Gledhill’s blog carries interesting and supportive coverage which I think is well worth reading amongst all the coverage that both Rowan’s statement and the preceding General Convention has garnered.

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Big sky perspective

Northumberland's big sky

The wife, child and I have just got back from a week away on holiday in Northumberland. We stayed in a very nice house that was devoid of a phone in a very nice town that was devoid of any kind of internet access.

I am proud to say I avoided withdrawal symptoms quite well although it did mean actually buying a newspaper (gasp) for the first time in a long time. I did eventually manage to find internet access in possibly the world’s best second-hand bookshop (highly recommend it) to comment on a couple of comments on this blog.

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