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Credit where credit is due for the CofE website

It’s all go for the Church of England’s communications unit who, despite the limitations of a poorly funded and flawed strategy for the Church of England website are doing all they can to turn the thing into something truly useful. It has to be said that *most* of those involved when the site was re-built a few years ago have moved on and the current Communications Director, Peter Crumpler, definitely has his head screwed on straight.

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Women bishops II

The year is 2060, Revd Joe Bloggs is about to take on a new posting in a conservative parish who do not generally approve of women in positions of leadership. All is going well for the preparations that summer and for his licencing, when a particularly keen churchwarden does some digging and finds that Joe Bloggs was ordained by Bishop John Smith. He digs further and finds that Bishop John Smith was ordained by Bishop John Doe. Oh my goodness, tumult of tumults… he knows full well who ordained John Doe – it was the Church of England’s first ever woman bishop Jane Smith.

As far as the Churchwarden is concerned, Joe Bloggs ordination is invalid and his new appointment goes down the tubes… fast. As does the Church of England in general with this kind of lunacy around.

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Say no to Norton

I know this is ‘off-topic’ or at least it feels like it is on a blog about being an ordinand, but can I just rant and say how much I hate Norton Antivirus Software. Several years ago, I had Norton Systemworks installed on my home computer to provide anti-virus protection (plus whatever)… and the blessed thing wrecked my computer… twice.

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