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Into interregnum

Graffiti that only makes sense at night
Graffiti that only makes sense at night

On Monday evening, my training Incumbent will be licensed to his new parish and thus complete his transition into his new post as Diocesan Director of Ordinands and priest-in-charge of a new parish about 20 minutes away from here. Even though he moved about a month ago and has been off the scene, in terms of ministry, for roughly the same amount of time, Monday marks the official start of ‘The Vacancy’ here since it is the moment he will no longer be Vicar here.

Of course, from my perspective, the last month has been the start of the Vacancy in practice since he’s not been around and I’ve been flying solo, albeit under the auspices and protection of the Churchwardens who, legally speaking, are in charge of the church during this period.

I was reflecting with my good lady wife the other day about how that month has felt. I can’t honestly say that I’ve felt massively busier. In conjunction with the Churchwardens, I’ve had to put some stuff down and be less involved and, in turn, have become more involved in other things that now need covering without the Vicar around.

Things are not busier. They do, however, feel heavier. Read more

Robbie and Jesus… part two

Robbie Williams, Bodies CD cover

Well, if you ever want to boost your blog stats, write a post about Robbie Williams! Not only has my little exploration of his latest song Bodies become my most viewed post ever and the most commented ever, but I’ve also had to refuse to publish a handful of comments for the first time ever! Not a particularly good claim to fame, that last one, I’m afraid. :/

I do hate having to censor comments and it’s not a decision I took lightly, but for those that found comments weren’t published – a few pointers. If you make an anonymous comment and/or are deliberately insulting and/or accuse Robbie of satanic things that border on defamation and/or mention the illuminati or other such hogwash, well then I won’t be publishing your comment. To be honest, the number of the beast comments that I did publish were getting pretty close to the bone as well. To all those that would make such comments – just remember Robbie Williams is a human being too. Do unto others… love your neighbour… ring any bells?

On the other hand, can I say a very big thank you Read more