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Long way come, long way to go

A photo of a bridge, looking straight ahead to the path, at dawn

Today is a funny day. As I look out my window, there is a hive of activity around the church and various people fuss around getting ready for the big service tonight as I’m licensed and installed as Priest-in-Charge of my new benefice.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting and watching unsure of what to do with myself.

In some senses, tonight feels more important to the church than it does to me. In many ways, that’s right. They haven’t happened to have a service like this one for 29 years. They’ve only had two in the last fifty years. They don’t come around very often and it’s a visible sign of a new chapter beginning in their lives.

I just happen to be the focal point of that turning of the page… but it’s their book, not mine.

In that sense, I cross this bridge tonight… one that has been seven years in the making… for others rather than for my family and I.

That’s a thought to ponder.. Read more

Advice for Ordinands

Fr Simon Rundell posted some interesting advice for ordinands which I found both interesting and resonant with my own experience, so I thought I’d share it here too.

Fr Simon clearly comes from somewhere higher up the candle from me in some of his perspectives (I guess the Fr gives it away), but it’s still good stuff for those lower down. Food for thought.

I liked the ‘don’t try to say everything in one sermon’ tip which as I look ahead now to a role as Priest-in-Charge with no fixed end date feels a lot more do-able than it does when you’re a Curate.

I was also reassured to hear him say ‘if you don’t feel “one day they’ll work out I’m a fraud” that is the day to stop’. I often feel like that and was glad to find I’m not the only one! Curiously something that most clergy don’t admit to each other… even though we probably all feel it.

Great advice not least the last line: ‘Love God, even when ministry feels the loneliest place in the world’.