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Is blogging a bad idea for clergy?

A picture of a Bible with a computer mouse attached

David Keen is someone who has re-engaged with blogging in both a prolific and thought provoking way. Well worth following. So many of his posts recently have been bookmarked by me in order to come back to later; it’s almost getting to the point of not being able to cope!

I was struck recently by one of his posts on a subject that is close to my own heart – blogging clergy and subsequent difficulties in them finding work.

Although I think it is unfair to talk about specific people, I have come across (at least online) most of the people he mentions who have been ordained but now find themselves in secular employment.

It would be easy to make a rough and ready calculation and decide that blogging as a priest equals future difficulty in finding work. As I’ve recently discovered in firstly aiding my ‘title’ church through an interregnum and then going into a new incumbent level post myself, one of the first things that the Parish Reps did in both places was ‘google’ the applicants.

It’s not as simple as that, however. For most of the cases that David mentions, other things were going on as well. I can imagine that, for some, blogging just made globally public what was already going on locally. In other cases, other perceived difficulties alongside the blogging were probably more valid concerns. Read more

Unwrapping the sacred bundle

A picture of Rafiki carrying his sacred bundle from the Lion King

Just over a month into my new ministry and I thought I’d write about some of the lessons learnt so far.

In just my third week, I had the chance to attend a conference for new incumbents run by CPAS called The Buck Stops Here. In some ways it was more a course about leadership and business management than it was for new incumbents, but there was useful stuff along the way.

One of the things I picked up at that conference was the notion of the Sacred Bundle. Every church has a sacred bundle of things which, like Rafiki in The Lion King, they carry around with them and which represent their history and their way of doing things. The only problem for new incumbents is that you don’t know what’s in the sacred bundle. It could be anything. Read more