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Is the truth stranger than fiction

Episcopal punch-up

When I picked up the Guardian this morning (one of my Monday rituals because of the new media jobs section… old habits die hard), I was surprised to find an article covering the Bishop of Southwark’s black eye and the alleged way in which he may or may not have received said black eye. I had originally heard about Bishop Tom’s shiner via Ruth Gledhill’s blog but accusations of drunkenness were new to me.

It got me thinking and particularly because, also last week, the Archbishop of Canterbury attended our Ridley Advent service with his arm in a sling. His injuries were less well reported, in fact I’ve not been able to find very much coverage at all except this article.

Finally, also last week, the Living Church Foundation in the USA reported that several other bishops have been in the wars lately.

Surely, drunkenness, muggings, cysts and whatever else are all smokescreens for something far more straightforward. Our senior churchmen have had one almighty great punch-up! 🙂

In keeping with the spirit of my previous post encouraging excellence in blogging, I feel compelled to point out that I know I am making two plus two equal five and that this is utter rubbish and fluff. So shoot me… I just loved the thought of crosiers at dawn! Plus it gives me a chance to chuck a jedi picture on my blog and ultimately I am hoping Dave Walker does a suitable cartoon for the occasion.



I’ve had a cyst removed too. No honest. Really. Stitch out tomorrow.


Heheh, thanks St

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