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Revving down?

A still image from the first episode of Rev

One of the great pleasures of televisual entertainment in the last twelve months was the BBC sitcom ‘Rev’. Regular readers will know how much I enjoyed the last series.

As of last night, we are two episodes into the much anticipated (at least in this house) series two.

I find myself trying to comment on the episodes so far and feeling a bit like Solomon stuck between his two warring women.

On the one hand, the series has continued to do its excellent homework and provide a contemporary portrait of life as a clergyman in the 21st century with considerable accuracy and no small degree of humour.

On the other hand, I find myself a bit cheesed off at opportunities missed and a bit of laziness in the laughs.

In the first episode, sending Adam on ‘Retreat’ was great but so much more could have been made of that that they did. I did enjoy the constant refrain of ‘it’s not a holiday’. So true.

In the second episode, we saw Curate Abi arrive. I was interested to read Jody’s take on things today as someone who knows a thing or two about being a young female curate.

But what an opportunity missed. They could have slowburned Abi’s arrival – she could have become a regular part of the parish – with plenty to contribute and plenty for us to laugh at with Adam. As someone not far removed from a curacy myself, there was plenty to relate to in both Abi’s wide-eyed blindness and naivety as well as the dynamics between Vicar and Curate.

But what a waste! She was gone before she’d arrived. I know this isn’t real but no-one moves that fast in and out of a curacy. Quite apart from real-life dynamics, what a waste to turn the whole aspect of curacies and being a training Incumbent into just one episode.

Does this tell us that series two is the last series? Trying to cram all the subjects in and then begone? I do hope not. I was also annoyed by the whole ‘ecstasy’ thread. That’s a cheap, lazy laugh. I know they say they get all these stories from real life Vicars but really? Seriously?

The aspect of prayer which was so crucial to the last series seems to have been toned down somewhat. Please don’t let it be so. Although I was glad for the bright spot – baptising Colin, bless his heart.

I’m enjoying it, but I’m frustrated too. Don’t go off the boil, ‘Vicarage’! Lord, let episode three be a good’un.


radical disciple

i completely agree – it made abi look like she was chasing a career and had the archdeacon in her backpocket too.

the wide-eyed thing didn’t quite fly, because it was a second curacy (a second curacy also being a thing of the past for most of us…). it ended up making her look manipulative instead of innocent.

loved the baptism tho 🙂

David Keen

Thankyou, you’ve put into words exactly how I felt about the episode.

Paul Bulat

Hi, I haven’t picked up on this show yet but looking forward to seeing it. Some of the funniest and hard to believe stuff is from real life and if you get a good writing team then it’s gold.

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