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Hands-free worship

Book jacket image for Hands-free worship by David Green
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I am very pleased to announce that I have self-published my first book ‘Hands-free worship’.

What is it about? Well, the snappy sub-title gives you a clue: the ‘pastoral, theological and missiological dimensions of digital projection and computer technology in worship’.

In essence, I started researching and writing because, while I was aware of various books out there that look at the practical dimensions of what happens when churches use projection technology to worship, I felt that no-one was writing about what happens pastorally and theologically when projection is utilized. Furthermore, I felt it was influencing mission and I wanted to think about and address those issues.

I am a fan of projection, but I’ve also seen it used badly and in the book I try to exhort people to think about why they’re using it and what for. In some cases, it is better not used.

I’m also keen that people get a lot more creative than most churches are currently. It is only when we really try to push what digital technology can do for us in worship that we open up some new vistas and allow God to speak in fresh ways.

Regular readers will know that, for the longest time and for a host of different reasons, my Masters dissertation has been an ongoing project but I’m very glad to have drawn it to a close and it is now with the markers in anticipation of my final deadline next Friday.

With the kind permission of Anglia Ruskin University, who share the copyright with me for the next twelve months, I’ve been enabled to publish print-on-demand via and you can now get hold of an adapted version of the dissertation as either a book or an e-book.

If you get a copy and read it, please do let me know what you think. I value the feedback.


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