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A photo of a 10 metre swimming badge

It is a long way from first achievements and ten metre swimming badges. Every time I do get a certificate or qualification, I’m always reminded of a scrawny but proud seven year old with his first swimming badge. I don’t know why.

Anyway, those thoughts came again this week for two reasons. Firstly, I got my Post-graduate diploma in Ordained Ministry courtesy of my IME 4-7 (Curacy training). It can now sit nicely with my other Post-graduate diploma in Christian Theology that I received while at Ridley Hall.

Don’t ask me why I need two. I don’t… long story.

Then I also found out that I passed my Masters in Pastoral Theology (also started whilst at Ridley) with distinction. Regular readers will know that the dissertation has been subsequently self-published as a book. If you were thinking of getting a copy and haven’t, let me give you a couple of quotes from those who read and marked the work.

Dr David Pullinger, former Head of UK Government on the Web, said:

“It is hard to imagine anyone else could have greater expertise in the subject at the present time. This [book] is of value to all those seeking to understand how best to use such technologies in their churches.”

Rev Dave Male, Director of the Centre for Pioneer Learning, Cambridge, said:

“An excellent piece of work which grapples with many of the major issues around projection and digital technology in church. Simplistic solutions are neither sought nor given and the emphasis is on technology needing to be used contextually and with intentionality.”

Can’t ask for better than that really. So if you’re interested in the subject, use these links to get hold of a copy.

If you get a copy and read it, please do let me know what you think. I value the feedback.



Well done mate – the first quote is particularly special

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