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Thoughts on Good Friday

Dali's Christ of Saint John of the Cross, stencil by Maya

I came across this fantastic stencil of Dali’s Christ on Jonny Baker’s site who, in turn, pointed to Maya, the stencil artist who produced the artwork (with Good Friday in mind) for St Philip’s Church in Cambridge.

I love this story on so many levels. I love it because it was Maya who approached the church and suggested it; I love it because the vicar said yes to her ideas and welcomed her when the council obviously did not; I love it for its contemporary take (stencils and graffiti) on a classic image (Dali’s Christ); I love it because it’s graffiti that churches can welcome and encourage (rather than the crude tags adorning some walls around our town); I love the fact that the council can’t get near it, and lastly, I love it because it looks brilliant.

Well done Maya. Well done Revd Taylor.

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