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My life map

Ahead of my next DDO interview on Monday, I have completed my life map… my homework from last time. I had to draw out a wavy line on which (on one side) I wrote significant events in my life and (on the other side of the line) how my understanding of God was developing and changing along the way. It proved to be a really interesting exercise. I found myself half trying to cover bases in terms of my understanding of God… have I got in ‘Father’ yet or ‘Provider’… and half trying to think about what the significant events actually were!

In the end, I decided to simply list the significant events and be honest to the things I think I do understand of God and not attempt a base covering exercise. It’s honest at least.

It’ll also be interesting to see what the DDO thinks I’ve missed thus far in understanding God and what I might need to work on! Looking forward to the meeting – especially after last time when it kind of felt that we never really got started.

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