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It’s all gone quiet over there…

Sshh. Image from Dumb and Dumber

I am highly conscious of having gone quiet on this blog. There are two main reasons…

The first is that I am ruminating on whether to shut this site down. I have an idea in my head for another site I would like to do but it all tends to take a bit of a back-burner behind the demands of my studies, family life and existing web commitments. So I am thinking that by shutting this down, I might free some time for new projects.

On the other hand, I think I would miss having this space to ruminate and have other people comment on my ruminations… so maybe it won’t shut down. Decisions, decisions.

The other main reason is that what blogging I am doing is going into my ongoing account of how I am getting on during Lent using the Church of England’s Love Life, Live Lent campaign. In short, it is going okay although I think I am only really being successful in completing the challenges about two days in three. Still, it’s all making me think which is a good thing.



well, I suppose you might be allowed to shut it down….but only if you start something else! honestly, first hopeful amphibian and now wannabepriest, I’m slowly running out of blogs to haunt. 🙂


Hi David

on the basis that i’m slowly running out of blogs to haunt (I also don’t want to view your lenten progress on the basis that i am doing abysmally on my L4 journey….) I have set up my own website,, please come and visit 🙂


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