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That was hard work

Well, I’ve just had my second DDO interview and I *think* it went well but to be honest, I came away feeling fairly fragile about the whole experience and I’m not entirely sure why. I think part of the reason is that she generally didn’t provide feedback on whether my answers were good, bad or awful and so it left me feeling insecure about my answers and whether they were good enough.

Added to that, I found some of it quite difficult. The general plan for the day was to take me through the life map I had prepared and explain it as a kind of quasi-testimony of my life experience and what God has done in me over the years. I did that but was often asked to rephrase my statements as "God is like …" which isn’t always as easy to do as it sounds.

Anyway, I found it quite tricky all things considered and when I wasn’t getting much feedback on whether I was doing okay or not, it left me feeling a little bit burned.

In other news, for my next assignment, I’ve got to attend an Anglo Catholic church for at least three Sundays before the DDO wants to see me again so I’ll have to talk to the vicar and work out what’s available locally in that regard.

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