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Church complicates matters

So I’m here at New Wine serving on team for a week with most of our church and, since most of our church is here, the vicar called a small meeting this afternoon to discuss the new leadership structures that our church is hoping to initiate and asked me to come along since I’m on the DCC and PCC. I must admit that being named as a potential member of the leadership team caught me a bit on the hop and has left me even more confused about what God might be saying!

The basic plan is that we establish a new small-ish leadership team to run the church with the DCC effectively being a board of trustees. It’s a process of change that has been going on for a little while and not without a great deal of prayer and talking. It seems good to us all and that God may well be in it too. One of the key positions identified is for an Evangelism/Mission person and the vicar has suggested that I fill that role. I said I’d think about it and need to discuss it with him too which he agreed to do.

The current youth worker who looks set to have his role morphed into an associate pastor at the church was suggesting that I should look for a similar thing – don’t go the ordination route and instead look to develop something paid and full-time at church. I can appreciate that they may not be keen to lose me – I definitely get that impression anyway, but I have to say it didn’t really appeal. If I’m going to do this, I don’t want to shortcut things – I’d rather do it properly.

However, whereas I was just praying about two things before – my current job and the possibility of ordination, I now find myself praying about three things and getting even more confused than I was already!

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