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I’ve been banned by YouTube!

Image of my YouTube screen

Here’s an odd thing. I’m not a big user of YouTube. I occasionally watch video clips that people send me links for – everything from Cristiano Ronaldo doing something amazing with a football to funny advertisements to things I might be able to use in church.

I have also uploaded ONE video clip myself – of the Ridley Hall Gospel Choir singing at the Christmas service in 2006 and which I blogged about.

I logged on to my rarely used YouTube account today to find out that my account has been permanently disabled! When I tried to investigate, it turns out YouTube has got hot on copyright recently and lots of people who uploaded films or songs under copyright have been banned. I can understand that. Problem is – I didn’t do that. All I did was upload a home video that my wife a fellow ordinand shot on my behalf of me and a group of fellow ordinands singing.

So was it that our singing was so bad we deserved to be banned? Was it that I needed express written permission from each singer before uploading? Is it because I is religious, innit? I really can’t work out exactly what it is I’m supposed to have done wrong.

The YouTube help site is useless. Basically people saying you got banned because you deserve to be banned but no kind of explanation as to what the problem might have been.



You are a great friend Dave but I don’t quite think that the term “”wife” is appropriate for me…


Sorry mate. That shows what my memory is like of the performance – I had forgotten it was you. I had assumed it was the missus! Apologies.

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