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I guess I should be flattered

First day back at work today after hearing the news on Good Friday and, as it happened, I had a meeting with my boss scheduled for the morning. So, I took the opportunity to hand in my notice and allow him to start the process for finding my replacement. All well and good. However, I have been somewhat surprised by my colleague’s reaction to the news.

They have all known for some time that this process was on the go. I’ve been very open with them and my bosses, mainly so that people could plan for my departure. While people offered their congratulations, it all felt a bit flat and downcast.

As I’ve been thinking about that this evening, it occurs to me that when people have left before, I am usually either depressed that they are leaving and what we will do without them or ecstatic that we have finally got rid of them! It’s rarely somewhere in between.

As a result, I guess I should be flattered that people are a bit flat about me leaving but somehow there is part of me that just wishes they would rejoice a little more with me.

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