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mobile phones and projection

Mobile phones and projection

I’m less in touch with the bleeding edge of technology than I once was (and I was never that bleeding edge at the best of times) but I was interested to hear the news that those clever technology geeks are working on putting digital projection equipment into mobile phones.

There’s some very obvious business applications for people like sales reps who currently lug various bits of technical equipment around to do a pitch with the ubiquitous Microsoft® Powerpoint presentation. They will go from laptops and projectors to their mobile phone on its own. With phones increasingly being able to store and present Word files and all the rest, if you add a projection capability in there, those reps will be laughing.

I’ve been ruminating, given my dissertation interests, about how such technology might find its way into church and, to be honest, I’m struggling to see any obvious applications at the moment. The PCC meeting, perhaps, might be able to make use of it or, indeed, other smaller meetings – staff meetings, home groups, youth groups perhaps. I’m not sure yet though that the church has a ‘killer app’ for this sort of thing in the same way that businesses may well be able to make heavy use of such things.

Nevertheless, projectors and mobile phones. You heard it here first! 🙂

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