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I got in

They must be mad. I’m a little in shock at the moment. Pleased, excited but in shock. This afternoon while the wife was at her dad’s, I got a call from my DDO confirming that they had received my report from the Bishop’s Advisory Panel and I had been recommended for “training for the Ordained Ministry (Priest) with the expectation that [I] be deployed nationally”. Sounds impressive.

Weirdly, the wife and I can’t say anything just yet until the Bishop’s letter arrives. Until then, it is not official. I can tell my vicar but that is all. It’s fair enough since I know they have broken the usual rules because it is Easter and don’t want me unduly fretting… and don’t think the irony of blogging about that is lost on me. I just know no-one is reading! 🙂

In one sense, I am loving the fact that I got the call on Good Friday. One thing that has always struck me about walking this path is that it will cost me everything. It will involve sacrifice and pain and dying every day. Perhaps all recommendations should be done today.

I’m also a bit relieved. It’s felt like so much ifs and buts recently and planning but not planning, just in case I didn’t get through. It’s nice to finally know and be able to do something about it.


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