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It’s official

The Bishop’s letter arrived promptly this morning so it is official. I am going to be a priest in the Church of England! Needless to say, the wife instantly started texting all our family and friends who’ve been waiting on the news. I’m blogging and will shortly send emails, including an apology to all those who we didn’t tell because of the advice that the CofE gives.

Everyone has been really pleased for us, which is great and so positive. So many people saying they knew we’d get in – it seems everyone was far more confident about that than we were, but then maybe that is how it should be.

I think the vicar plans to announce it tomorrow in church on Easter Sunday. I am not sure if I like the idea or not. In one sense, it’s a great time for it but on another level, the church will be full of people who don’t usually come so it won’t be the ‘family’ occasion that another Sunday would be. Added to which, I don’t want anything to distract us from the resurrection.

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