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One college down, two to go

The wife and I began our tour of theological colleges yesterday as we try to make a decision about where I want to train and where we want to live for the next couple of days. We visited St John’s College in Nottingham yesterday and had a really good time with them there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the staff at St John’s had really thought about our arrival and even done some background work and thinking for us on potential accomodation to rent. It may be that they all do that but the extra care it showed was really encouraging to me. We had a good tour around, had some good interviews with the Principal and Dean, saw a house and attended a service.

If I was to advise anyone in a similar position, I’d recommend that you write down a list of things you want to think about and ask before you go. We kept forgetting things and then having to backtrack and ask later. I’d also advise you to see the Financial Adviser for your diocese first. We haven’t and there were so many questions that arose because we don’t know how that works yet that it kind of got in the way.

Lastly, although you can leave before the evening worship – don’t. We learnt a lot just by being with them for worship and, as my vicar said to me, ask yourself the question whether you could worship here. It’s important because these guys will pretty much be your church for the next couple of years.

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