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Pausing and wrestling

Coldplay album cover

Well, that was a hectic week last week of blogging! For those that have been counting and watching, yes I know that I still haven’t said anything about my ongoing wrestling match with membership of New Wine. I guess it’s testament to the wrestling and struggling that I’ve yet to get any thoughts down on (e-)paper. So you’ll have to watch this space on that one.

Clearly I can’t sustain the daily habit long-term with the demands of parish ministry but this is one of the shorter posts that I intend to do in between the mini-essays!

The Future of CHP posts have generated a lot of interest and the ‘ol blog stats took a bit of a ballistic hit upwards on Saturday which was a slightly nervy surprise. I must admit that initially I didn’t think anyone was watching since my blog platform only looks for trackbacks and so hadn’t picked up on Dave Walker’s Twitter post until someone mentioned it here. Thus far I’ve avoided Twitter although that’s another story and another blog post altogether!

Anyway, the debate continues so please do comment on those posts if you have something to say or just lend your support. There’s more to say on that whole subject of CHP and one or two other things have occurred to me since writing those two posts so watch this space for more on that too. I am kinda wondering what, if anything, can be done about it though. Anyone got any thoughts?

In the meantime, if you need something of a soundtrack to which you can do your own pausing and wrestling, then Coldplay have just released a live album of nine songs totally free online for people to download as ‘a thank you to our fans’. I know my youth group don’t think I’m very cool for liking Coldplay but I like them, so shoot me. Heartily recommended.

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