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So rubbish, forgot to say it’s Ridley for us

With thanks to Tiffer on three counts – discovering this blog, being first to make a comment and also for reminding me since I had forgotten to blog and say what we ended up deciding about colleges! I’ve only been blogging five minutes and already I’m forgetting to post… so rubbish.

In the end, Ridley (like St. John’s and Trinity) offered us a place and that was good enough for us. We are heading for Cambridge and Ridley Hall for me to do my studies.

In the end, it was quite a straightforward decision for us. The course seemed much more suitable to what I had done previously, I liked the idea of all the resources that Cambridge has available to me between the federation and the multiplicity of libraries and study spaces, added to which I liked the fact that they had leadership and pioneer minister tutors set for September which were both brownie points compared to the rest.

The clincher though was good old fashioned and highly unspiritual geography. The mere fact that Ridley is 90 minutes from home means parents can get to us to see their grandchildren and we can get home without too much hassle.

We attended an orientation day on Saturday, met various people – I think may even have seen Tiffer across a crowded common room – and even got to enjoy the football (well, the result anyway).



Wow – how cool. Another soon to be Ridley blogger :). Who were you then, across said crowded room? Please email revealing your identity 🙂

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