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Ridley orientation day

My wife, daughter and I attended the Ridley Hall Orientation Day last Saturday. I know this entry is therefore late but hey I am still getting used to this blogging lark so give me a break! Tiffer has also reflected on the day.

The wife seemed to really appreciate the chance to meet other spouses and find out more about the oft-discussed Spice group and I have to say that I shared the thought – just meeting other people who will either be starting in September or who will still be there in September and getting to know them. It’s not a huge place so, inevitably, the people you are studying with are going to have a big impact.

Thankfully they seemed like a good bunch.

Barbeque got a 9/10 (bit close to kick-off prevented the 10/10) but the organized sessions didn’t do much for me. Sorry! I guess it will be down to me and my colleagues to make it better next time. The study session was okay but I’m still a bit clueless to be honest and I think that is because of the flexibility. When I’m facing up to a Masters as well, I guess it is fairly open but I just felt like the student concerned wasn’t the best person to be helping me. I need the head study honcho.

The discussion with the other married couples was useful but a bit of structure might have helped… and I missed the Federation Chat to watch Becks and his friends wilt in the sun.

Still, all good and worthwhile and definitely useful – if only for the chance to sit in the sun with my soon-to-be colleagues, get to know each other and enjoy a masterful chicken burger.



Pretty much agree – especially about the BBQ – 10/10 for me (not much of a footie fan, I do apologise).

I would just like to say your little girl is very very cute. Was a welcome distraction during the service (which I forgot to blog about…)

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