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Big sky perspective

Northumberland's big sky

The wife, child and I have just got back from a week away on holiday in Northumberland. We stayed in a very nice house that was devoid of a phone in a very nice town that was devoid of any kind of internet access.

I am proud to say I avoided withdrawal symptoms quite well although it did mean actually buying a newspaper (gasp) for the first time in a long time. I did eventually manage to find internet access in possibly the world’s best second-hand bookshop (highly recommend it) to comment on a couple of comments on this blog.

While we were away, obviously ECUSA were hard at work electing a female presiding bishop and responding to Windsor amongst much, much more. I must admit I am now finding it hard to sift through the pile of information available and make sense of it all.

The reason for writing this post, I guess, is just that Northumberland gave me a bit of perspective on our current Anglican troubles. I like bleak. Northumberland has the nickname ‘the big sky’ (apparently… I thought that was Montana) and, if true, it is well deserved. Bleak, desolate, beautiful scenery gets me going with God like little else can and Northumberland has it in bucketfuls.

St Cuthbert's Isle

Standing on Holy Island a week ago on the Sunday, staring across at St Cuthbert’s Isle, reflecting on a now ruined monastery that was so influential in the evangelisation of the UK, it made me think how long and deep runs the history of God’s church and how momentary we are within it.

That is not to downplay anything that is currently going on. These are serious issues that need to be taken seriously. I just got thinking that God is much much bigger…

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