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Robbie Williams – pro or anti Jesus?

Robbie Williams, Bodies CD cover

This afternoon, driving home from a meeting I caught Robbie Williams’ new single on the radio – his first for a couple of years entitled ‘Bodies’. Very interesting lyrics.

God gave me the sunshine,
Then showed me my lifeline
I was told it was all mine,
Then I got laid on a ley line
What a day, what a day,
And your Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me

UK and entropy,
I feel like its f**kin’ me
Wanna feed off the energy,
Love living like a deity
What a day, one day,
And your Jesus really died for me
I guess Jesus really tried for me

Bodies in the Bodhi tree,
Bodies making chemistry
Bodies on my family,
Bodies in the way of me
Bodies in the cemetery,
And that’s the way it’s gonna be

All we’ve ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it
God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection

Praying for the rapture,
‘Cause it’s stranger getting stranger
And everything’s contagious
It’s the modern middle ages
All day every day
And if Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me

Jesus didn’t die for you, what do you want?
(I want perfection)
Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on?
Oh Lord
(Jesus really died for you) Ohh
(Jesus really died for you)
(Jesus really died for you) Ohh

One of the things that I’ve found interesting about Williams over the years is his searing honesty in his songs about his own life, mental state and outlook on life. As a result, frequently, he’s worth paying attention to – not least as a cultural barometer for all those who really, really like his music.

Of course, with a ‘comeback’ single like this one, everyone is wondering whether Williams has still got ‘it’ or not and while I’ve not yet heard much about the new album that follows in November, it seems that Robbie has got cosmic areas of interest on his mind and God very much to the fore.

For me, Bodies matches up poorly to songs like Better Man (2001) that had deeply personal lyrics like… ‘As my soul heals the shame, I will grow through this pain, Lord I’m doing all I can, To be a better man’. Nevertheless, Bodies contains just about as overt a reference you are going to get in popular music to the Christ and his death on the cross and for that this new song is really interesting to me.

I’ve tried and failed to find something online to give me a sense of Williams’ mindset in writing this song and what he’s actually trying to communicate. If anyone finds anything, I’d really like to see what he has to say. As I look at the the lyrics there is a distinct dissatisfaction with our world, our culture, himself and his god-like status as a popstar. All that comes across as he searches for something more and eventually draws a conclusion he’d much rather be raptured out of it all.

He seems to be saying ‘Jesus did die for you’ but then slips in ‘Jesus didn’t die for you’ at the end. There’s two ways to interpret that. Either he’s making a final contradiction – asking Christians ‘what are you on?’ to believe such a thing. As a result, this song might be interpreted by some as religious hatred/incitement. The alternative understanding is that I think he might be aiming at those who don’t believe rather than those who do.

Who is he addressing and what does he think about Jesus? Maybe I’m trying to look too deeply into something that doesn’t have depth. I don’t know.

One thing he does seem to get (even if he doesn’t know it) is the importance of the Incarnation. The name of the song (Bodies) and the chorus that speaks of bodies seeking enlightenment (the reference to the Bodhi Tree), our sexualities, our need for family and relationship and then the eventual death of all bodies is very much an incarnational approach to spirituality. It’s an approach that Christians ought to be able to embrace given the fact that our God ‘valued’ our bodies by taking one for Himself in the person of Jesus Christ.

However, at the same time, it’s very sad that such valuing of our physical world and our own flesh culminates for Williams and, no doubt, for all those who’ll be belting out the chorus at the top of their lungs on a Saturday night at the club in the misdirected desire that ‘all we ever wanted is to look good naked’.  What a sad endightment on our society it is if all we care about, Gok Wan style, and all we can think to pray to God about (as in this song) is our own lack of confidence in our looks, the desire for perfection and abject fear of being rejected for how we look.


See also Robbie and Jesus… part two, further reflections on this song.


Doug Chaplin

I’ve heard it a few times now, and like you I’m a bit baffled – not least because his singing doesn’t give much of a hint of where he thinks the meaning is. I’m currently inclined to see it as nihilistic: “all we do is obsess with bodies – and bodies end up in the cemetery” with a possible hint of wistful hope that it might not be like that.

Then again I may be biased by not particularly liking Robbie. Give me the other four.

David Keen

Saw this on TV yesterday for the first time, and like you I’m intrigued! I don’t know if Williams is trying to be consistent in the lyrics or not. The chorus makes me think of Genesis 2, being naked but without shame.

When everyone on the dancefloor is singing ‘God save me rejection’, will that be a prayer?

leslie joy

don’t know if you’ve come across w/ this one…his interview in the Swr3…want to post the link but they already removed it from thier site 🙁 basically, the man is just to engrossed w/ conspiracy theories…
He says, when he wrote it George Bush was sending a lot of people to war in the name of Jesus, and being raised catholic the Jesus he he thinks he knows didn’t die so that George Bush could send people to die in a needless war so Jesus didn’t die for you what are you on….??
And the “God save me rejection from my reflection i want perfection…” is about the modern day struggle, people with body dysmorphias, anorexia, bolemic, or who are not happy with their own image, have plastic surgery. And he thinks that is how people feel these days. ……
about the video….iv read that it’s not his idea…because his idea is too much as always and don’t want fans to go ” ah he’s totally gone mental” ……….

oh thanks! you’ve got nice reflection btw…good read…..


“Jesus didn’t die for you” is the bit that keeps spooking in your head after listening a few times … and thats how Satan works.

mr Williams can tell you all about that…

karen noble

Of course Robbie is talking about his journey of seeking God! As a Christian it is so clear to me, Robbie has had his eyes opened and he has found God through Jesus. Robbie talks of his journey and his ways of seeking, and at the end of the song Robbie states; Oh Lord (Jesus really died for you.) Jesus died for us ALL
Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life. Anything else just leads to death!!!! Robbie wants perfection; Heaven is the only place to find perfection. Believe in Jesus, repent of your sins and the separation between you and God is removed, the Holy Spirt comes to live within you and helps you to live your life as God wills, and when you leave this earth you go to Heaven.(Eternity, perfection.) SIMPLE.


Thanks Leslie, Vincent and Karen. I guess we have a little universe of interpretation right here amongst us – everything from Christian conversion to tool of the devil.

It would be good to verify the George Bush connection. I’ve not been able to find anything concrete online about that but it’s an intriguing answer.

I found that the bit that stuck in my head wasn’t the line ‘Jesus didn’t die for you’. Hmm, go figure. So maybe if indeed the devil didn’t have bigger things to do that day than bug people with a song, the issue is less in the song and more in the listener? Who can tell… Personally I find that anything that declares Jesus atoned for us is unlikely to be satanic. Just my opinion but I’m sure there’s something in Scripture about that.

I love your optimism, Karen. Here’s hoping… I think I’ll be a Thomas on that one until I see some evidence of a conversion, a declaration of faith, a change in his life. Nevertheless, Robbie has a rough ride by his own admission at times. He could use a bit of salvation, I’m sure.

Jessica Endean

Yes, I too noticed the lyrics of this song when I saw it on tv. One thing I’m positive of is that Robbie Williams hasn’t exactly had a carefree or easy life. I’ve heard a lot of his songs and a large amount of them have some reference to Jesus/God. It hink he’s searching for salvation and he’s been a very troubled man. I often pray for him thinking maybe one day he’ll be saved or lead an easier life. (fingers crossed)


After hearing this song repeatedly on the radio, i was prompted to see what more could i find out about it on the net, due to the direct reference of Jesus’ death on the cross. Your blog is a good read and i agree with you that the line “Jesus didnt die for you” is kind of confusing at the end .I would assume only the songwriters/singers sometimes know their rationale when they write lyrics such as these and when left unexplained can often be misinterpreted. My first reaction too, was is he trying to sell more music by trying to stir up some controversy?
But in the light of Leslies post his song does make more sense now to me.
Personally i always prefer a big dividing line in music sung for the praise and glory of Our Lord Jesus(as done by artists like Carrie Underwood,Don Moen and a host of others) and music for the disco’s/pub. Songs like this which try to do both (assuming thats what Robbie Williams is trying to do) always leave you questioning the singers motives.


Jesus didn’t die for you…is a very disturbing stement….no matter what circumstances that line is suspicious.i dont belive in explanations about the musicians “state of mind” light is light darkness is darkness…no blurs in the presence of God.


Yes I was caught by this song too and have found Robbie Williams to certainly posit some interesting faith related questions on previous albums. Like Jesus in a Camper Van from I’ve Been Expecting You. I agree with others here that it says Oh Lord (Jesus really died for you.) at the end of the song. This seems to me like a realisation. It sounds like a discussion in his head. Perhaps he starts by singing what many are led to believe; that Jesus never died for you (Dawkins et al), but then works to the conclusion as reveallled in the Scriptures (John 3:16, 1 Peter:3:18 ) that actually He really did die for You.
What I did notice and don’t like in the video is that he rides a motorbike with number 6 on the front and we see one side, so two sixes. If there is a third that reference seems ominous. But that might just be reading too much into it, though one has to be aware that Satan is the father of all lies and would love people to believe that Jesus never died for everybody’s sins to make them right with God, because he sure did! Whatever we make of this song it seems like a good tool for asking the Question, Did Jesus really die for us and Christians can provide the wonderful answer. So thanks for raising the question Robbie!


Is it not possible that the reference to nakedness is more to do with the Fall and when shame first was known? Is this a way of him yearning for his shame to be removed?


I havent heard his song enough but my initial impression is that he is soul searching and certainly looking to the existence of God. I think he is asking himself the question of Gods existence through this song and perhaps realising that if Jesus did die for him…how awesome that is! And for anyone that realises that for the first time it can be overwhelming.

However, I need to listen more before trying to discern exactly what Robbie means by his song. I am sure will find out in a pending interview with him!!!


If Robbie is trying to reveal a conversion or faith in Jesus Christ by the lyrics in his recent song “bodies” I think he would have been a little bit clearer.

Please watch the below youtube link which shows an interview with Robbie Williams. He makes himself fairly clear on his limited understanding and beliefs of the Holy Bible.


Stumbled across your blog.

I’m not buying into this either. Kanye West sang a song called Jesus Walks a few years back and quite a lot of Christians got decieved by it. Even if these songs as positive, the question we need to ask ourselves is which Jesus are Kanye and Robbie singing about? The bible warns us that in the last days there will be false Christs. Even the president of Iran is expecting a Jesus. See

Surely this can’t be the same Jesus that true Christians believe in. The 6 on the bike isn’t a coincidence. Many of these artists are now being bolder in showing their true allegience to Satan in their videos. In the recent MTV awards they even prayed to Satan, with weird performances by Lady Gaga and others. See the expose on the MTV awards and music videos of many artist at watch parts 50-52 on the MTV awards. The other parts are enlightening as well. » Blog Archive » Bodies

[…] your Jesus really died for me, Then Jesus really tried for me” Here is an interesting blog post about Robbie’s new […]


jeses didnt die for you? what are you on…… this simply means that one should be on drugs to say that jesus didnt die for us.


For dear Karen Noble – you’re intentions are honourable and your desire very Noble! – but I honestly think that if Robbie had truly been born-again he would not leave anything to interpretation! Think about any major performer who has come to know Christ – their 1st offerings thereafter are absolutely non-compromising…. almost a product of that First Love experience….normally people who are radically saved (as I believe Robbie can be) go 180 degrees away from where they were. I think living in America he has probably been confronted with more in-your-face Christianity than anywhere before. Perhaps this has sparked the lyrics to ‘Bodies’. Personally, I think it’s a cynical song, not intended to be evangelical in any way…. However, like most who have cared to comment on this phenomenon, I do pray that his searching will lead him to know beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus DID die for HIM.


I first heard this song on last nights X-faxtor and was impressed, as a Christian, that Robbie Williams was singing about Jesus dying for him on National Prime time TV. Although it was difficult to hear the lyrics clearly, I was impressed that people are gonna be singing those lyrics “Jesus really died for me”. Jesus said whoever is not against us is for us. I don’t believe Robbie is truly saved yet, judging by the lyrics of the song, however, they highlight the Christian message, get people talking, and God will use those lyrics for His Glory. I pray also that Robbie will find a saving faith in Christ, he seems to be really seeking.


Guys, be careful not to be don’t be fooled by this.

I just watched the video on and yes the bike has 666 on it as Ralph suspected. One is at the front, the other on the left side as we see in most of the video. The right side of the bike was shown in the 1minute.33sec frame and yes it had a six on it. Forming 666 which we know is the number of the anti-christ.

Don’t be fooled.


I don’t like to put too much control on comments and so I’ve approved Tope’s contribution, but in all honesty – I think this is stretching it a bit. Ralph too in this boat.

I’m sure I caught a shadow in the video somewhere that makes it look like Robbie has horns too. Purrleease. Can we get back to a serious consideration of the lyrics and the cultural comment that they represent?

Finding three separate sixes in different parts of the video and deciding that this means Robbie is the anti-christ is pretty ridiculous. I saw a road sign with a 6 on it today, I dialled a phone number with a 6 in it and visited a house today which had a six in the number. Does that mean I’m in trouble too?

No wonder we don’t get taken seriously by our wider culture.

Apart from anything, don’t you realise that pop stars don’t direct their own videos? I’m sure I read somewhere that Robbie wasn’t keen on the end result of the Bodies video so to assume that lyrics, song and video are all part of some huge conspiracy is ‘Robbie-esque’ in its craziness. For reference on conspiracies and Robbie, see Sam’s link which is very useful and which I’ll be blogging about in the next few days since it throws huge amounts of light on the whole issue of this song.


David glad you approved my post. We all don’t have to agree. I for one disagree with you. I however agree that he may not have had input in his videos.

The three 6’s were not in some random place or different parts of the video but on the same item i.e the bike. In combination with the lyrics and him wagging his finger on the video when saying Jesus didn’t die for you is enough to make one think this is more sinister than it appears. I know we all want to believe the best but I would encourage you and the rest to watch the videos on the links I posted earlier. Most of the music industry is really becoming overtly anti-God/Christ.


Thanks Tope, while we’re on the subject of videos, do watch Sam’s suggestion. It’s very helpful in discovering Williams’ state of mind on the song… the biblical knowledge is laughable really but helpful in working out where he’s coming from.


Every so often we get songs in the chart that give God, Jesus or some other biblical character a mention. I’ve loved music from day 1 and over the years have seen how lyrics have shaped the way people think and act.
Lyrics are powerful, people believe what they hear, people watch soaps and are influenced by the lifestyles they see on TV.
Punk rock affected me in a big way during the late 70’s, I actually wanted’ Anarchy in the UK’ Many of the songs I listened to completely changed my thinking and outlook on life, for the worse!
The Devil is a thief, a liar, a twister, he causes confusion and doubt in peoples minds and , he knows exactly what he’s doing with songs like this. Already the people I speak to about this song are confused. ‘ Did He die or didn’t He die for us spells confusion to me, what are we to believe?
Usually its always the end of a song that stays in my head the longest and this was the case with Robbies latest one’bodies’
Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on was ringing in my head for ages and I was amazed at how powerful this song could have an influence upon someone.I walked into a garage and a guy was singing those lyrics and I thought he would probably believe that for the rest of his life.

I pray that there will be many discussions about it and what the devil has used for bad, God will use for good.
I firmly believe Jesus did die for me and will teach it and preach it for the rest of my days


Hi guys,

Stumbled across your blog whilst looking for background to his song. Good words.

I think it’s a really honest song by Robbie. I think he does have a faith – go back and check his back catalogue, it’s pretty obvious that he has been affected by Jesus to some degree (Better Man is an excellent example, thanks for the reminder) – and who are we if we aren’t, like Robbie, on a journey to learning more about Jesus and his Kingdom?

I think the song is all about his battle with a material world (looking good naked, perfection) – and his growing awareness of a different world, one where Jesus has died for him.

The final lines sound for all the world like he is writing down the internal wrangling of his head. Or perhaps the words of “scoffers”:

“Jesus didn’t die for you, what do you want? (I want perfection)”
“Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on?”

The “I want perfection” line is key. It links the ending of the song with the verses before, where he is clearly asking God to save him from his slave world to his appearance (“God save me. Rejection from my reflection”). The “I want perfection” then, is a negative statement about the implication of Jesus not dying for him. If there is no Jesus, then there is no other world, just this one. If taken in context with the song, I think it’s a tremendously positive song about Christ.

But hey, I’m an optimist 😉


David. If you look at the performance Robbie did on the Xfactor, you would see that Robbie was singing from the heart. He looked happy and danced in a manner that I almost felt like I was in church. He’s video was totally different. The thing about music videos today is that artist portray an image that they think the public would like. If I were you, I would hold on to the Robbie who performed at the Xfactor.


He says all the way through the song that Jesus did die for him and for everyone else.

Then at the end he says, Jesus didnt die for you and then what are you on implying that of course Jesus did and isnt the world crazy to think Jesus didnt.

The look good naked is abt showing our true colours not the physical nakedness – we all want to be emotionally naked but instead we put on a facade – robbies saying that God has saved him from his own reflection. In other words, God has helped robbie to like himself and now he has the confidence to be who he really is.


I found this new Song of Robbies to be very interesting. and sounds as if knows about Jesus
dying for him us..und bringing salvation.I think its wonderful if he is born again…and if not He knows the way…so there is no excuse…


I saw Robbie performed live at the bbc electric proms. He wasn’t stating a fact that “Jesus didn’t die for you”, like how it sounded in the video. When he said ” What are you on?” His tone was imploring others as if to say ” Are you crazy? of course Jesus died for you.” I did see a man who is struggling with his demons but I also saw a man who loves God.


Ultimately it doesn’t really matter what Robbie Williams Thinks and wondering that (as I do) is the ultimate irony if his song is actually intended to make us think, what a shallow existence, this worship of celebrity;

I know I had my second chance when I realised that I wanted to make Bringing Real Talent, not the hyped Celebrity kind to Attention!

Was it Spiritual, who knows, did Jesus really die for me, the truth is that no one knows, but I do feel that there is something out there …

I also know that when my true way in life was found I experienced amazing things including many akin to Mr Williams’ Layline experience.

Ultimately, the best thing to come out of this song for me, however it’s intended, is that it might make some people stop and think about life a bit:

What is it all about?
Which of the stories (Christian or Otherwise) do I really Believe?
Whoever or Whatever gave me this thing called Life, what do I want to do with it, other than piss it away on a Sat night in a club listening to Robbie Williams Pontificate?

Love to Robbie and Love to Ian McCormack, ‘The Jellyfish Man’, ( who I went to see speak the other night out of rampant curiosity, now he actually Died and Reckons he actually met The J Man, my jury is still out but he ‘Knows’ Jesus Died for Him, so what is he on?


Hi All,

I stumbled over this post, like many others, when looking into the background of RW’s new single and whta it represents for him.

I’m not a christian, practicing or other wise, so cannot comment n the acciracy of any of the biblical interpretations of the lyrics, however if you look at them in the context of many of his other songs (both album tracks and singles) you can follow a very open and honest journey through a distinctly troubled life.

I would be very surprised if during his break from his public celbrity life he hasn’t explored a number of beliefs. Personally I have a great deal of respect for him in conquering his addictive nature in a way that has been open and humble.

He is and will always be a comsumate performer, one of the greatest showmen of our time.

Trying to read satanic messages in the video is, IMHO, going a bit far, you’ll be telling me next he lives in Area 51… :o).

Tope’s interpretation of teh ‘666’ on the bike is interesting. However, the video could easily be representing the journey that he has gone through, with the bike (and it’s satanic number) representing the fight with substance abuse, which he then beat (gets off the bike) walks to a new road and meat a woman, travels with her and spends time in the flames (he certainly had hedonistic tendancies). He then leaves that period of his life and moves into a more reflective time among angels and the departred (his Aunt, whom he was very close to died a couple of years ago) and at the end of the song he travels anonymously away in a the car, which could easily represent his time away from the limelight.

It would be interesting to hear from RW himself what the inspiration to the sone and the video were.

David’s interperetation of the lyrics is both interesting and thought provoking, I certainly wouldn’t have looked so closely at both if I hadn’t visited this post.

Finally, I would just like to be clear that I’m not saying anyone is wrong, mearly that all things can be viewed and understood differently, it’s your starting point that is likely to determine that. If you start off looking for a negative message in something, your almost certain to find it. If you start off looking for a positive message, you’ll almost certainly find that. With a completely open mind you in real trouble! :o)

Isn’t diveristy a wonderful thing!

Best Wished to All!



All very interesting comments about Robbie’s latest song. Certainly the words that come across strongest for me are “Jesus really died for me, I guess Jesus really tried for me”. That’s a great message for all his fans to hear. Many of the words are only noticed if you have them in writing to read at the same time as listening.

Seems to me that Robbie is still searching (needs to do an Alpha Course) and perhaps he will one day find his saviour. Robbie is rumoured to have had recent contact an anglican vicar (can’t say anymore), so we can but hope!


On the topic of the 6’s on the motorcycle, there is another, less sinister interpretation (other than being completely meaningless), and that is that in scripture the number 6 represents “man” in his imperfect/incomplete state (1 less than 7, which represents “completenes”). #he fact that you see 3 of them on the bike is inconsequencial. Any time a racing number is put on a bike it is always put on the front and both sides. If the number were 88 you wouldn’t have presumed it meant 888888, would you?


I think the interview on Youtube posted by sam (number 13 on this blog) is pretty much the exact and most honest answer your gonna get from Robbbie Williams himself what the song is about,


Great piece of writing there, Rev Dave, I enjoyed reading it.
I think there is good sentiment in the song, but the lyric ” JDD4U ” is disturbing. When looking at this positively, he could be replying to a hypothetical nay-sayer Athiest friend, saying ” What are you on ? ” in reply, ie Jesus DID die for me.
Or he could be concluding that this is his belief, and he’s (hopefully not) jumping on the athiest Bandwagon along with Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Ross, Dara O’Brein et al. St Therese please get those three, by the way !
It’s lucky he isn’t a star in America – they don’t do irony as we all know. If he had been famous there there would have been another John Lennon scandal by now, as in his infamous ” We’re bigger than Jesus now ” comment he made in the late 1960s.
lot of things being said and sung in the media at the moment reminds me of Our Lady’s warnings in Fatima and Medjugorje, about the rise of athiesm and unbelief.
I just hope Robbie still has the statue of St Therese that his Mum gave to him. Because I just hope this song isn’t some angry attack on a loving Father-God who he maybe feels isn’t listening.
I s’pose it’s up to the rest of us to prove the athiests wrong by our actions !!
Excellent blog altogether. Thanks for enlivening an otherwise boring Internet surf-time.


I read in a German interview that he said when he wrote down the line “Jesus didn´t die for you, what are you on” he was thinking about George Bush saying that he goes to war in Irak in the name of Jesus and Robbie said he was irritated by believing that his loving Jesus would tell him to go to war.


Hi Tine

The George Bush idea has certainly been mentioned as well. Like the gospels, I don’t think these apparently contradictory reports need be taken as such. In his interview that I’ve highlighted (see Robbie and Jesus part two), he mentions 9/11 as a conspiracy theory alongside his very poor understanding of who Jesus was (another conspiracy theory, he says). They may all be pieces of the same puzzle, based around this conspiracy notion.


all i can say is that the words to this song absolutely disgusts me! He deosn’t even want to be subtle about his messages! The guy can be sucha jerk. And i really don’t understand why many of the channels the air this song can allow it but at the same time they don’t allow any christian music to air on their station. They allow atheists to talk down the Christian religion & people think that this is okay?? its disgusting is what it is!!


Interestingly. for me, as someone who is very spiritual, has studied several “religions” but is not a religionist…when I first heard this song (& I’m not a fan of Robbie W’s) I thought it was part of the new pro-christian push!

Kind regards


I don’t think there’s too much baffling about this song. I saw him do it on the ARIA’s last night. I think that Basically he’s having a serious shot at Christians for thinking that their God cares for them only & not for people like Robbie Williams.

Look at the first verse:

God gave me the sunshine,
Then showed me my lifeline
I was told it was all mine,
Then I got laid on a ley line
What a day, what a day,
And your Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me

I’d think this is Robbie talking about Christians thinking that the Kingdom is going to be a bed of roses (God gave me the sunshine, Then showed me my lifeline); He then seems to me to be having a satirical shot at Chrisitans for mistakenly thinking that Jesus only cares for Christians (I was told it was all mine);then falling into sexual immorality (Then I got laid on a ley line What a day, what a day,) then Robbie seems to say that if that’s all your Jesus can do, why bother (And your Jesus really died for me, then Jesus really tried for me).

And the middle section:

Praying for the rapture,
‘Cause it’s stranger getting stranger
And everything’s contagious
It’s the modern middle ages

He’s saying here, I.M.H.O. that is, that the Rapture is a strange doctrine & that because no one questions what they’re taught then everyone believes it. What happened in the middle ages…….he could be making references to the fact that if you didn’t believe what the priest said then you were burned at the stake.

One more:

God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection

He might be saying here that Christians are too caught up in themselves to be of any good to a dying world.

If this is so then I’d say that Robbie has met some Christians who haven’t really grasped what true Christianity is about.

The real Jesus Christ is the “Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.” Mine……..yours……..the guy down the road & Robbie’s, too! If you don’t believe it then argue it out with Jesus!!!

Never place a period where God has placed a comma. God is still speaking. Gracie Allen

A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. –Mahatma Gandhi


Thanks for the comments Steve. There is, of course, always the option of reading my follow-up article in which an interview that Robbie gave makes clear what he was thinking about when he wrote this song rather than trying to guess yourself. 🙂 Just a suggestion anyway.

I think, on that note, I’ll lock this thread down so that if people do want to comment they can look at the subsequent article and get a bit more clued up.