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Credit where credit is due for the CofE website

It’s all go for the Church of England’s communications unit who, despite the limitations of a poorly funded and flawed strategy for the Church of England website are doing all they can to turn the thing into something truly useful. It has to be said that *most* of those involved when the site was re-built a few years ago have moved on and the current Communications Director, Peter Crumpler, definitely has his head screwed on straight.

That said, it does still have problems and the information architecture and editorial consistency are pretty poor. But enough of the criticisms for now and let’s give some credit where credit is due.

The statistics for June came in the other day with the news that coverage of the World Cup Prayers that were placed on the site and received subsequent coverage in some newspapers and websites resulted in the Prayers section getting almost 6,000 visits in four weeks; a 44% rise compared to May.

It’s good to see them taking the ‘populist’ line on things that some inside the church may think trivial, but for those outside the church, there was very little else of importance in June than England’s progress at the World Cup.

Today I learn that they have spent a bit of money to implement RSS feeds and a new search engine. I’m not convinced yet by the new search engine (that isn’t where their problem lies – it’s in the editorial information supplied by people creating content that the search then plays off).

However, the advent of RSS feeds is good to see and all credit to them for getting it done.

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