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Say no to Norton

I know this is ‘off-topic’ or at least it feels like it is on a blog about being an ordinand, but can I just rant and say how much I hate Norton Antivirus Software. Several years ago, I had Norton Systemworks installed on my home computer to provide anti-virus protection (plus whatever)… and the blessed thing wrecked my computer… twice.

In the end, all that could be done was to remove it for good, throw it in the bin and go and buy something decent instead. I bought McAfee on a friend’s advice and have never looked back – it’s been excellent.

Well, I thought Norton and I were done… until today. Here I am at work, dealing with a panic because some software we produce has been wrongly identified by Norton as viral in their most recent update and customers are now emailing, calling and posting messages on our forum in a panic.

I have filled out Norton’s forms today to report a ‘false-positive’ and try to get it sorted but they tell me it could take four weeks! In the meantime, customers are uninstalling our software in a panic and costing us no end of damage.

More frustrating than Svennis and the so-called golden generation of English footballers. Gaaahhhhh!



I had the same horrible experience with Norton … now I see that it, rather than some nasty virus, may have actually caused me to recreate my computer twice last year. Good thing school gave us McAfee. Sorry ya’ll are having so many troubles with the software and panic-stricken vicars.

wannabepriest / Going out in style…

[…] On July 8 (a Saturday), Norton Antivirus software issued an update that essentially identified a crucial file that forms part of Visual Liturgy as a piece of spyware. On July 10 (the Monday), I came back into work to find a firestorm of clergy and other VL users whose copies of VL had been disabled by Norton. I wrote briefly and cryptically about the issue on this blog at the time. […]

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