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Lessons from Einstein

“Listening conversation that starts with a predetermined outcome is neither conversation nor is it listening.”

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to meet Nick Knisely. Nick is the Rector (Senior Pastor) of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bethlehem PA and a thoroughly good bloke… even if his physics chats go waaaay over my head.

Anyway, he’s written a great article over on his own blog entitled “The Michelson-Morley Experiment and the Experience of Gay and Lesbian Christians.”

Not only does he sum up brilliantly where I’m at currently on the whole issue but he crystallizes a call to the church to take this process seriously. If we are to listen and have a conversation, we should do so without having a pre-determined outcome in our minds before we begin.


Simon Sarmiento

rector or “senior pastor”
Let’s be Anglican-techy: in the CofE the word is “incumbent” 🙂


Don’t blame me… I’m pulling that description off Nick’s own site as to how he describes himself! 🙂

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