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Emergent, post-modern neo-orthodox

A colleague sent me a quiz today which seems to be doing the rounds amongst diocesan missioners (amongst others, no doubt). Given that I had a free lunch hour, I sat down with a cup of tea and worked my way through it.

You can find the quiz on

According to the quiz, I’m an emergent, post-modern neo-orthodox Christian! I’ll have to remember that when the Diocesan Director of Ordinands asks me how I’d describe my churchmanship. It beats the usual labels at any rate.

A great deal of my church background lies in charismatic, evangelical forms of church and while I still feel a great affinity with that wing, I really don’t feel it describes me adequately anymore.

I do feel that every wing of the church has something to teach the rest and that none of us have a monopoly on the whole truth. If we will watch and listen with open yet discerning hearts, I am sure that we have a great deal to learn from each other… let alone recognizing that our brother’s sins are absolutely no worse than our own.

Mission is no longer the three point gospel presentation but a process of pilgrimage that, for some, can take an incredibly long time. Contemporary charismatic worship can be great but sometimes the simplicity of an Iona chant or the beauty of The Book of Common Prayer’s communion can take me to mountaintops just as high.

The Bible is not an inerrant document carved in the proverbial tablets of stone. It’s a book of people and their stories, with all their failings, and God showing through… revealed in the course of human history, writ both small and large.

My understanding of scripture has moved a million miles from where I started. Yet my belief in the Trinity and in the saving work of Jesus Christ has not travelled at all.

I like my new label… I think I’ll adopt it! 🙂



You can do better than post-modern neo-orthodox. Try Radical Orthodoxy… A related post is soon to appear on my blog.

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