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Re-writing history

Cartoon image of George W. Bush re-writing history

Just a brief blog post today: A fascinating set of thoughts from ‘the Dark Side of the Moon’ where Yellow Stevens points out the re-writing of history going on in certain quarters around the debate on women in the episcopate.

He notes Forward in Faith (and other groups in similar shoes) like to portray the debate in terms of saying:

“that they have stayed the same and the Church of England has moved. It is now a liberal dying Church that doesn’t believe anything, so they have no choice but to abandon the sinking ship and head for the lifeboats and wait for the Roman rescue liner.”

Forward in Faith like to suggest that there has been a liberal shift  in the CofE, but (as Yellow points out) the reality is that, since about 1980, the unmistakable shift in the Church has been towards evangelicalism. In other words, the complaint that women’s ordination (and future ‘purple-isation’) just doesn’t add up. Most of the thriving parishes are evangelical, those with money to spare are evangelical, most ordinands are evangelical (or ex-evangelical).

As Yellow would like, so would I – namely that groups stop revising history, stop setting out false complaints, stop misrepresenting current facts – and instead, get down to some honest conversation and debate. It’s a good article and worth reading all that Yellow has to say in the context of current debates about women in the episcopate.

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