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Thoughts on Good Friday

A photo of a graffiti mural by Nolan Lee

This year on Good Friday, the artwork is a graffiti piece called Good Friday by Nolan Lee. More of Nolan’s work is available at his own website.

One of the reasons why I think graffiti always works around this time of the Christian year is because graffiti is visceral, rough, violent and makeshift artform. Today, of all days, when we remember how the Lord of all the earth was executed, it always seems to me like an excellent way to explore its meaning.

I’ve not found any commentary from the artist but I love the upward gaze… is it Mary? Jesus’ mother? The eyes look older, tired, eyes that have seen too much. The cross firmly fixed in her mind and in her sight.

I’ve also been doing the Passion Experience this year, receiving real-time updates through Holy Week, via text message.  There’s still time to sign-up although you’ve missed quite a bit already. One of my favourite texts came on Tuesday or Wednesday when, after I’d been working hard all day, the text came through:

“Jesus is still at the temple, he’s been healing all day, healing people too. Wow. But the Priests don’t look happy”

It was just the sense of immediacy and the notion that while I had been working hard all day, Jesus was hard at work too. He hadn’t left the Temple from morning till night, ministering to all who came to him. I like that thought.

Where are we up to right now (as of 09:37 this Friday morning):

“His words, Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing. We shout, Come down! Save yourself! Why doesn’t he?”




Hi, yes I think you may be right that it’s Mary’s eyes. Sad eyes.

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