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I have a new job

A photo of St Mary the Virgin church building, West Malling
St Mary the Virgin, West Malling

The following announcement has been made today at my own church in Walderslade, in West Malling, Offham and Kings Hill:

“We are very pleased to announce that, subject to the satisfactory completion of legal procedures and CRB checks, the Bishop of Rochester has offered the appointment as Priest-in-Charge for West Malling and Offham to the Rev’d David Green and that David has accepted.”

So there you have it. In a few short months, I am going to be moving on from my curacy to become a Vicar! It’s been an interesting couple of months as this post became available, I applied and my wife and I went through the emotional-energy-wringer that is the interview process.

A photo of the St Michael's, Offham church building
St Michael's, Offham

I feel bad posting two photos of the church buildings at West Malling and Offham because it is the people that matter most, not the buildings, but I have to work the photo resources that I’ve got for the moment! It also doesn’t pay any tribute to the Anglican community on Kings Hill who have no building of their own to photograph! I’m sure I’ll get to know the people in due course.

We will be very sad to leave Walderslade and so many friends that we’ve made in our time here, but the missus and I are also really excited to accept this invitation and to become part of the next chapter of the story for St Mary’s, St Michael’s and the Anglican congregation on Kings Hill at a key time for all three church communities.

It’s an exciting challenge. It’s also very daunting. However, we can see that the Lord has led us in this direction and that encourages me enormously. All being well, we anticipate that we’ll be moving house in August and my licensing as Priest-in-Charge will take place in September.


David Brooke

Is the vicarage at the top of a huge hill? 🙂


Thanks David, no it’s not! 🙂

Topographically, West Malling is down Blue Bell Hill from Walderslade (and along a bit) and so if you were coming from your direction, I would guess it’s a fairly gentle descent from Dartford onwards. You’re always welcome at the Vicarage if you’re passing through.

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Trudi Oliver

Hi David, I have you got the pdf for you holy spirit prayer stations? the link doesn’t work and I’d love to have a look and possibly use them for our quiet day later on in the month. Congrats on the move by the way!

David Green

Hi Trudi, I’ll email you the link but I’ve fixed the link now too.

All the best


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