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A photo of Rev David Green

Hello and welcome to my humble little website. This page is just to give a bit of biographical information about me so you know who is behind this site and where I’m coming from.

My name is David Green. I am a Priest in the Church of England serving as Priest-in-Charge for the parishes of West Malling and Offham, including Kings Hill, which is in the Diocese of Rochester. I trained for the ministry at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. I live in West Malling with my wife and my three young children.

Before being ordained, I worked as the New Media Manager for Church House Publishing in London. I spent seven years at Church House where amongst many things, I was responsible for project managing Visual Liturgy and all of CHP’s digital projects.

Amongst the many projects that I looked after during my time with CHP, I established and then managed the online Crockford Clerical Directory and the Church of England web site’s Common Worship area. I did consult for the Church of England’s Communications Unit on the wider Church of England web site project but had no official role on an ongoing basis beyond looking after the liturgical pages on behalf of CHP and the Liturgical Commission.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the National Church Institutions and it was a key period on all kinds of levels for me in finally offering for the ministry. Inevitably, you will find some of my blog posts coloured by my experience there as an ‘insider’ both positively and negatively but I do try my best to at least declare such interests as I’m writing, even if I can’t be objective about it!

Prior to working for Church House Publishing, I bounced around one or two jobs having done my undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield where I got a BA in Biblical Studies.

When I’m not working for and on behalf of my parishes or just spending time being a dad with my three kids, I am a keen sporting type, watcher of movies and computer game player. I don’t think I’ve ever really grown up. The older I get, the harder it gets to play sport (at least the sports I enjoy playing) but I still can’t beat watching my beloved Tottenham Hotspur and/or American Football of any kind!

The postings on this site are my own (or those of my guest writers) and don’t necessarily represent the views of the Diocese of Rochester, the Bishop of Rochester or the Church of England. Any alignment with the views of the Church of England at large or the Diocese of Rochester in which I serve are purely coincidental.


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